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Bracers of +4 Healing don't work well when equipped on your face
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FreeStone marches on?
Posted by VahnRPG on August 20, 2013 22:38:01
While working on FreeStone, it's come to my attention that changing the schedule might assist with the feeling of a lack of freetime that I've felt for some time now. It comes with the territory, but I've concidered it nonetheless. In particular, I've thought of a 3-day a week M-W-F schedule for my comic. The reason why I haven't done that can be summed up in three words: FreeStone Number 100.

Don't get me wrong, I loved how #100 turned out. One of the best things I've ever drawn, and I certainly learned a lot about it. However, that's the kind of work that I'd feel gave a satisfying enough experience in order to justify a 3 days a week schedule. The only problem is that one comic alone took 2 days to draw & digitize and contained roughly the same number of panels as 2 comics, so I really wouldn't be saving myself any time, so I think I'll stick with the current method for the time being.

All things concidered, I truly am satisfied with that comic. It felt like I was overhyping it, but I'll leave that for the reader to judge. I, meanwhile, loved it immensely. The comic as a whole has been a joy to work on, for that matter!

Later All!